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Kirtan Represents in Grammys First-Round Ballot as Nominations Voting Wraps Up Nov. 5

grammy nomination

Grammys season has officially begun, and more than ever before, the world of mantra music represents.  More than a dozen artists in the “non-genre” of kirtan/chant/yoga music are on the first-round ballot for consideration to be among the 57th Annual Grammy Award Nominees for Best New Age Album.

[Yes, “New Age” is what the non-genre of kirtan seems to get lumped into in the Grammys world.  Not World Music, which is a separate Grammy category.  But that’s another story. That we’ve already written.  Read it here: Kirtan in a New Age: What’s in a Grammys Category?]

The buzz started a week or so ago on social media, when Jai Uttal announced that his “Return to Shiva Station” was among those being considered for nomination in the Best New Age Album category.  Next, Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band put it out that their latest release, “Unity,” is also being considered.  Bit by bit, word came forth of other artists whose offerings are also on the list of qualified entrants that members of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) will vote upon to decide who gets the coveted Grammy Nomination.

This got us thinking: who else is on that list? And what exactly does that mean?

So here’s the scoop that we got from one of our favorite voting NARAS members (who preferred to remain under the radar).  Among the total of 78 titles on the nominations ballot for Best New Age Album, we counted 18 from artists in the kirtan or mantra-music world (few can be accurately termed “kirtan albums” in the strict sense of call-and-response kirtan).  And the entrants are…(drumroll please):

AKASHA BLUE SKY, Bhakti House Band
UNITY, Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band
LIVE IN CONCERT, Mirabai Ceiba
FROM WITHIN, Nirinjan Kaur feat. Mathew Schoening & Ram Dass
SARASWATI DREAMS, Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda
MANTRAS FOR LIFE, Deva Premal + Miten with Manose
BHAKTI, Paul Avgerinos
SHAKTI GUITAR, Stevin McNamara
RISING, Alex Theory and Shiva Rea
SHIVOHAM, Manish Vyas

So, what does it actually mean to be on the “first-round ballot?”

Essentially, it means that you’ve passed the basic entrance exam of submitting an album in accordance with the Academy’s fairly rigid guidelines.   It means that you are “on the list” — your album is officially entered on the ballot that was sent on Oct. 16 to 12,000 or so members of NARAS. Considering there were at least 300 submissions that didn’t make that cut, we’d say Congratulations to anyone who made it that far.

What’s next? The nominations voting is the next step in the Grammys process.  NARAS members have until Nov. 5 to vote for their favorite artists/albums/tracks (in the New Age category there is only one award, for Best Album).  Members can vote in up to 20 categories.  In some Grammy categories, special committees help sort through and determine who gets the nomination.  In the New Age category, there are no committees, so it’s the membership vote that counts here.  The top four or five will get the coveted Grammy Nomination, and will forever after be known as “Grammy-nominated so-and-so.”

Kirtan Grammy Win Would Be a First

Kirtan artists have gotten the nomination only twice before:  Krishna Das in 2012 for “Live Ananda” and Jai Uttal in 2002 for “Mondo Rama.” Neither won the Award; both broke new ground.  Uttal was the first Grammy nomination ever in this category and Krishna Das was the first to play at the Grammy Awards (at least, on the internet broadcast).  It was a pretty exciting night.  Well at least for a kirtan junkie…

As for this year’s first-round entrants, well, what can we say?  Just look at the diversity within that list.  Jai Uttal is back in the Grammy pool with “Return to Shiva Station” (read our review here) and KD is back with “Kirtan Wallah.”  New to the Grammy ballot are  Sean Johnson and his cohorts, Alvin Young and Gwendolyn Colman, aka the Wild Lotus Band, for their epic and long-awaited “Unity.”   All Grammy-worthy, IMHO.  The other chant-world luminaries on the list are Deva Premal, Miten and Manose’s “Mantras for Life,” a collection of practical-oriented mantras done in repetitions of 108, and Snatam Kaur’s “Light of the Naam,”a sequence of traditional Sikh greet-the-day chants.

Of course, that’s just the beginning of this list of Grammy hopefuls.  We fell in love with Steve McNamara’s Shakti Guitar when we heard him play it live at Ahimsa Fest last year (and we missed him there this year), and are continuing the love affair with the album, a  soundscape of acoustic comfort music that’s easy to snuggle up inside.  Patrick Bernard, a sonic chameleon of sorts and, with 20+ albums, practically an icon in the world of New Age music-therapy,  melted our hearts when we first heard him at the Montreal Chant Fest — unplugged and pared down to a harmonium and a response singer with kartals, singing to Radha and Krishna with such deep soulfulness it brought us to tears (yeah, I know, Chant Fests will do that…).  “Holistic Devotion” takes that core and arranges it up, with an apparent choir of angels singing backup.

At the other end of the spectrum are the best little bhakti band in Texas that you may not have heard of yet, the Dallas-based Bhakti House Band, whose “Akasha Blue Sky” oozes with joyful devotional.  Remember the name.

The Kundalini crowd is well represented on this list, no doubt due to the crack management at Spirit Voyage records.  There’s Snatam of course.  Then there’s Nirinjan Kaur, who has been whispered to be the “next Snatam” and who collaborated with respected producer/musician RamDass Khalsa and cellist Matthew Schoening for “From Within.” Ajeet Kaur is another Sikh-tradition songstress on the rise who seems to wow everyone who experiences her live kirtans.   Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda have a partnership that transcends ordinary notions of “music” into something wholly pure and transcendental, whether they’re chanting kundalini mantras or rockin’ the kirtronica.  The same could be said for Mirabai Ceiba’s Markus and Angelika, whom we’ve experienced live enough times to be pretty confident that their “Live in Concert” disc is a little slice of heaven.    Ashana is new to us and we like every recording we’ve heard so far.

And there’s more…well, we’ve got some homework to do.  Our favorite kind of homework.

So there you have it, your Mantra Music Guide to the Grammys.  Now, who among these entrants would you most like to see win the Grammy for Best New Age Album…who gets your vote?  Who would you like to see on that list who isn’t?

YOGA RASA TO HOST CD release party for

renown world fusion group, Bhakti House band

Saturday, May 31, award-winning world fusion group Bhakti House Band will launch its newest CD, “Akasha Blue Sky”, at a release party hosted by Yoga Rasa at 17226 Mercury in Bay Area Houston at 7:00 p.m.

Led by native-Texans Randall and Kristin Brooks, Bhakti House Band presents an East-meets-West fusion of percussion-driven instrumentation, rich harmonies, Sanskrit mantra, Kirtan, and inspirational English lyrics to create a sacred space for listeners to surrender their minds to the rhythmic groove of the heart.

RSVP to Yoga Rasa at 281-282-9400.

Houston Chronicle


for Renown World Fusion Group, Bhakti House Band

HOUSTON - Saturday, May 31, award-winning world fusion group Bhakti House Band will launch its newest CD, “Akasha Blue Sky”, at a release party hosted by Yoga Rasa in Bay Area Houston at 7:00 p.m.

“We have been anxiously awaiting their newest release and are so honored to have been selected to host this CD launch,” says Yoga Rasa Founder, Tracie Brace Hatton. “Bhakti House Band is well-loved in yoga and spiritual communities in more than 46 countries around the globe, and we are so lucky to have them based right here in Texas.”
“There are so many Bhakti House Band fans in the greater Houston area,” continues Hatton. “Everyone is welcome to come help us celebrate. The whole band will be here performing and mingling with guests, and there will be plenty of CDs on hand for purchase and autographs.”

Led by native-Texans Randall and Kristin Brooks, Bhakti House Band presents an East-meets-West fusion of percussion-driven instrumentation, rich harmonies, Sanskrit mantra, Kirtan, and inspirational English lyrics.

“Our intention is to create a sacred space for our listeners to surrender their minds to the rhythmic groove of the heart,” says Kristin.

For almost 20 years, Randall and Kristin Brooks have shared their spiritual journey through music and workshops at music festivals, peace rallies, yoga studios, conferences, retreats, wellness expos, ashrams, and churches across the US and in India. Their intention is to inspire and empower others through sacred sound and conscious devotion, to fully and consciously embrace the union of humanity and divinity within this cosmic dance of life. They call it “Nada Bhakti: The Sound of Devotion”, also the title of their award-winning CD released in 2011.

A young child during the Vietnam War, Kristin saw herself as “president of the world”, spreading peace and love across the Earth. As a gift for her 40th birthday, Randall honored this childhood vision by writing the title track “Blue Sky.” Featuring the voices of 18 children from diverse cultures and traditions around the globe, the song tells the story of working together to change the world.

May 31 will mark the beginning of their 18th year of marriage and their 20th year of sharing music together. The event will include a brief ceremony to renew vows and honor their commitment not only to each other, but to their life of service to humanity.

For more information or to RSVP for the release party, contact Yoga Rasa at 281-282-9400.

Bhakti House Band presents an East-meets-West fusion of percussion-driven instrumentation, rich harmonies, Sanskrit mantra, Kirtan, and inspirational English lyrics to create a sacred space for listeners to surrender their minds to the rhythmic groove of the heart.

Yoga Rasa is an all-inclusive yoga-study community, committed to promoting total physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing, and to creating peace on our planet.

Houston Chronicle

Texas Yoga Conference 2014

Friday, Jan 31 12:00p

Now in its fifth year, The Texas Yoga Conference (TYC) along with the Houston's Cultural District, we bring some of the best yoga teachers and motivational speakers to Houston. We are offering a city retreat full of presentations, yoga classes for all levels, lectures and fun music concerts during three complete days in Houston. The event's theme in 2013 was friendship. In 2014, along with the Texas Yoga Association, we will focus on matters of the heart and real community coherence statewide and across the Texas border.

The three-day agenda features prestigious presenters as well as practical sessions and interesting workshops. We will announce the 2014 line-up in August! So far we have confirmed Nicki Doane, Girish, Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band, John Salisbury, Nicolai Bachman, Alejandro Chaoul PhD, Gillian St. Clair, Bhakti House Band, Aaron Lind, Karina Virginia and of course many of our amazing local Texas Talented Yogis. Stay tuned for others in our spectacular annual line-up!

Houston - A Yoga Conference for Beginners and Well-Seasoned Practitioners! Tyc has something for EVERYBODY!

In addition to the workshops, music and practical sessions, there will be exhibitors of healthy foods, natural products and unique sportswear from designers such as I Love Yoga, Autumn Tenyl, and Luke's Locker.

Free Again to First 300 Registrants!
Sari Sak uses the hand skills of traditional local tailors, while training local villagers to make contemporary reusable bags and quilts made of 100% recycled Saris. Sari Sak's goal is "to give back", starting from giving local women an outlet for their old saris as well as providing work making a beautiful product that they are proud of. Pick yours up at the registration desk when you check in!

Bhakti Immersion Scholarship
The Texas Yoga Association is proud to announce its first full scholarship Bhakti-love give-a-way to Sean Johnson's Wild Lotus Yoga 8-day Bhakti Immersion at their New Orlean's Studio in March 2014 after the Texas Yoga Conference. To enter, simply register for the Tyc 2014 and email us that you are interested in the scholarship at Place in the subject line "Scholarship Bhakti Immersion" and we will enter your name into a drawing that will take place Saturday 12-2:30pm at the Bhakti Bash with Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band. Drawing will be held at the end of Bhakti Bash 2014 at 2:30pm sharp. Good luck!

Origin Magazine

WBDJ Channel 7, Roanoke, VA

Origin Magazine

The Bhakti Beat

Where’s the Bhav This Weekend? Feb. 24-26

by Brenda Patoine on February 24, 2012


It’s a “Wallahs-to-Watch” kind of weekend:  Five rising chant artists — Gina Sala, Irene Solea, Prajna Vieira, Larisa Stow, and Eddy Nataraj — lead the bhav this weekend coast to coast.  Plus, the party of the decade at Exhale Venice; Sean Johnson immerses NOLA in bhav; Bodhi Fest brings Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer and Deva Premal & Miten to Australia, and Brenda McMorrow sings in Estonia.  Yes, Estonia.

Best of the Weekend Bhav

Gina Sala, Prajna Vieira

GINA SALÁ plays in her home ‘hood of Seattle for Singing Satsang at Samadhi Yoga Friday night. Sala, who was introduced at Bhakti Fest 2010 as “the best kirtan artist you’ve never heard of,” facilitates “wholeness through voice” as a vocalist, teacher, composer and sound healer. She began chanting at age 3, living in a Hindu ashram in Canada. Today her music blends original lyrics and compositions with traditional chants from Hindu, African and Tibetan cultures, among others. If you can’t be in Seattle Friday, how about joining Gina in Mexico in March? Her Ocean of Devotion Sound & Wellness retreat holds court in Yelapa, a boatride away from Puerto Vallarta, March 17-24. (Use the code on the link to save $75, for friends of Sarah “Bhakti Babe” Garney.)

Irene Solea, Om Trinity

IRENE SOLEA, a favorite throughout the Northeast, takes her bhav West to Colorado this weekend for a series of events starting with the popular FRIDAY NIGHT YOGA CLUB in Denver 2/24, where she’ll play for yoga with JEREMY WOLF and ASIANA HARPER before kirtan.  Irene will be joined by Colorado kirtaniyas DAKINA MA JAEGER, JIM BECKWITH and DAMAN GROSSMAN.  Saturday morning, there’s more live-music yoga with Irene at Karma Yoga in Denver, and on Saturday night Irene is joined by local wallah MIRA GALE for an evening of devotional chanting at Yoga That Heals in Boulder. Word is that Irene’s new CD will debut in the spring: eight original chants set to pop/rock, Latin and reggae beats. GIRISH and JONI ALLEN are guest artists. Download a teaser track here, a luscious medley of uplifting original lyrics and Om Namah Shivaya.

Speaking of CD’s we can’t wait for, the long-awaited duet release by PRAJNA VIEIRA and BEN LEINBACH is coming soon. There’s even a date for the mandatory CD Release Party: April 20 at Rudrimandir in Berkeley, Calif.  “Amrita” represents “almost two years of hard work, love, devotion, laughter, tears and deep friendship,” Prajna said in an email. This Saturday, Prajna reunites with DONALD FONTOWITZ and RAMANA ERICKSON, aka the MUKTI KIRTAN ENSEMBLE, for a benefitconcert in Pacifica, Calif. (South Bay area) in support of Dyllan Kianna Wicks, a 2-year-old who was born with a rare heart defect and received a heart transplant a year ago. Call Ocean Yoga to pre-register: (650) 355-9642. But hurry, this event is likely to sell out.

Larisa Stow, Bhakti Fest 2011

LARISA STOW & SHAKTI TRIBE continue their quest to transform the world, one soul at a time, with love and mantra rock. Described by the Tribe as a “raise-the-roof celebration of unity-in-community,” Soul Transformation hits the Orange Coast U.U. in Costa Mesa, Calif. on Saturday 2/25. The Love Fest continues in Temecula, Calif., where the Tribe will be rocking the mantras at Living Yoga Sunday night 2/26.
And, on Sunday morning — we love this! — Larisa & Tribe are performing for Reverend Pat Campbell’s services at the Center For Spiritual Living in Temecula Valley. Sunday service with Larisa Stow?  Wish my parents had taken us to that kind of church…

Eddy Nataraj, 700 Voices

Returning to the theme of “best kirtan artists you’ve never heard of,” have you heard EDDY NATARAJ? We caught up with him last Spring at 700 Voices in Connecticut, where he “opened” for DAVID NEWMAN and SNATAM KAUR, and thought he pretty much blew everyone away with his phenomenal Spanish gypsy guitar-strumming and soulful vocals melding Spanish, English and Sanskrit.  On Saturday 2/25, Eddy will be singing at Dharma Yoga of Central CT in Meriden, Conn., so if you’re in the Northeast, go see him.  You will not be disappointed.  (Next week he’ll join up with BARRY RACCIO for Bhakti Shakti, a kundalini yoga workshop and kirtan in New Haven.)  How does he do all that with a brand new baby?

Those are 5 Wallahs to Watch this weekend.  Lots more below…


More of the Bhav

Yoga Bash of the Decade?  Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, Calif., is celebrating 10 years as a mecca for SoCal yogis with a birthday bash Saturday 2/25 featuring a live music all-star jam and dance party with SAUL DAVID RAYE and the RED MUSETTE ENSEMBLE (aka MICHELINE BERRY, DJ DREZ, JOEY LUGASSY, DEEPAK RAMAPRIYAN, CARLOS TORRES, YEHOSHUA BRILL and others to be announced.  Music is from 8-10 p.m. (apparently there’s a curfew), and there’s YOGA WITH SHIVA REA & FRIENDS from 5-7 p.m.  Oh, and it’s all FREE.  Beam me there Scotty.

Gwendolyn Colman, Sean Johnson

Show Us Your Chants: Trade in the Mardi Gras beads for a mala, and join SEAN JOHNSON & THE WILD LOTUS BAND as they kick off their BHAKTImmersion retreat in New Orleans this weekend . The 8-day intensive starts with a full-on kirtan celebration in their home ‘hood on Saturday 2/25, and fills the week with ecstatic interactive chanting, dancing, storytelling, mythology, “bhaktiful asana practice” with live music, journaling, and love poetry from the Bhakti tradition. Sounds better than Mardi Gras, doesn’t it?

Gone Down Under: The Aussies’ itch for kirtan is being scratched this weekend with BODHI FESTIVAL in Newcastle, Australia, which claims to have “the finest kirtan (devotional) musical line-up ever seen in Australia.” U.S. headliners DEVA PREMAL & MITEN are ending their Australia tour there; DAVE STRINGER is beginning his there, and JAI UTTAL is…flying out for the weekend. (He’ll be joined by the Queen of Hearts Orchestra Oz.) Plus dozens of other artists, yoga and meditation teachers, and inspirational speakers. And get this: admission is by donation, a policy the festival’s spiritual director, Shakti Durga, said “liberates us to
dance together in truth and deep harmony.” This is a trend we’d like to see spread to the U.S., wouldn’t you?

Kirtan College Connection: So, maybe we missed something, but Estonia wasn’t at the top of our list for bhakti hot-spots. In fact it wasn’t even on the list. Well, guess what? Kirtan’s thriving there too, and thanks to a connection made at one of DAVID NEWMAN’S Kirtan Colleges, BRENDA McMORROW is in the former Eastern bloc country for two workshops and concerts in the capital, Tallin, and in Tartu. Palju õnne Brenda!  Meanwhile, DAVID NEWMAN is busy creating more connections: his first 2012 Kirtan College is going on right now at Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida, and KC students will be showcasing their talents at a free public concert Friday 2/24 at the ashram.  More Kirtan Colleges with David coming up in greater Toronto (April 27-29) and Satchidananda Ashram in Yogaville, Va. (September 27-30).

Northeast Region

Bhav in Brooklyn: In New York City, AMBIKA COOPER holds space at the Brooklyn Yoga School Friday 2/24 for the ongoing Friday Night Kirtan series that features a rotating cast of bhaktas. Stay tuned for the live CD recorded Feb 10 at BYS featuring Ambika and the rest of the Brooklyn bhavsters (e.g., NINA RAO, DEVADAS, ANJULA PRASAD, SHYAMA CHAPIN, JEREMY & LILY CUSHMAN FRINDEL) singing the Hanuman Chalisa.

Helping Hands in Harlem: ANJULA PRASAD sings at Interfaith Chanting for Forgiveness, a benefit on Sunday 2/26 at the Harlem Holistic Center that will raise money for Def Dance Jam Workshop, a Harlem-based non-profit performing arts troupe and academic program serving deaf, hearing and physically or  developmentally challenged youths and their families.  Anjual tells us she’s got not one, but TWO new CD’s in the works.  Her current CD, “Anjula,” is available here.

Calling All Wallah Wannabe’s: It’s open-mic kirtan night for the BOSTON KIRTAN & SATSANG gang, who gather monthly at Yoga & Nia for Life in West Concord, Mass. for “kirtan for the people, by the people.” JOHN CALABRIA starts off the chanting, then passes the mic to any wallah wannabe’s or budding musicians trying out their tunes. But if you’re like me and would rather have a root canal than lead kirtan, just soaking in the bhav is also permitted.

Sundays in the Sanctuary with Dave:  In Northamptom, Mass., DAVE RUSSELL leads weekly Sunday night kirtan sessions at the Yoga Sanctuary.  Dave’s been chanting for like 40 years, and going strong.  Check out his schedule for deets on the Sundays in the Sanctuary and lots of other gigs throughout the Northeast.

Left Coast

Wah! Bhakti Fest

Wah! for MA: In Los Angeles (Granada Hills), WAH! is leading kirtan at the “Day of Healing,” a day-long conscious living expo to help launch the MA center in L.A.  Wah! sings for Amma at 1 p.m.  Her new album, Loops n Grooves is now out!

Psalms to Ma: In Santa Monica, PSALM ISADORA is back from India and back at Bhakti Yoga Shala for Jai Shakti Ma: The Power of Devotion. The workshop, described as a “celebration of the Mother through prayer and devotion,” includes chanting, ecsatic dance to open the heart, and a Tantric Goddess Ritual to awaken grace.   Jai Ma.

Dance Divine:  In the Bay Area, the now-weekly DEVOTION DANCE at Yoga Tree Telegraph in Berkeley, Calif. starts Saturday at 7 with an hour of kirtan led by STEPHANIE WINN and SHARAN PAL (tabla).  Devotional DJ Dance Party with DJ OSHAN ANAND rocks till 11.

Sacred in Sacramento: MARTI WALKER is presenting Nada Yoga: Mantras and More Made Easy at Rise Yoga in Sacramento, an experiential workshop where students will learn basic concepts and practical uses of four primary aspects of Nada Yoga: Vedic and tantric mantras, kirtan/bhajans, and pranayama sound techniques.

DC and South

Ten Years and Counting:  That’s how long SACRED CHANTS KIRTAN has been bringing together chanters in the D.C. and Maryland area, and they’re at it again this Saturday 2/25 in Columbia, Md.  And on Sunday 2/26, BE Yoga in Sterling, Va., is hosting a vegetarian pot-luck and community kirtan at the studio’s backyard Yurt.  Eating starts at 4:30 p.m., singing at 6.


Bhakti House Band's album, Nada Bhakti: The Sound of Devotion

Texas Tunes:  More Wallahs to Watch:  The BHAKTI HOUSE BAND, fresh from a gig at the Texas Yoga Conference last weekend (along with DAVID NEWMAN, SEAN JOHNSON & THE WILD LOTUS BAND, and SUZANNE STERLING & THE DESERT DWELLERS), is right back at it with “an evening of sacred sound and devotion sharing the practice of Nada Bhakti Yoga through a very east-meets-west sound in music.” Friday 2/24 at Aledo Yoga, outside Fort Worth.

Mountain Time

Colorado Crooners:  In addition to the IRENE SOLEA tour in Denver and Boulder, TOM FUHRMAN is hosting an all-Shiva night of community kirtan on Saturday 2/25 at his home in Littleton, Colo.  More details at the Colorado Kirtan facebook page – a great source for all things kirtan in Colorado.

Arizona Energizers:  Local band the KIRTAN WALLAHS are leading ecstatic-chant call-and-response at the Yoga Shala in Prescott, Ariz. Saturday 2/25.

If you made it this far, comment here and tell me which of these events you’d like to be beamed to. One person will be randomly chosen to get their choice of the 3 new CDs mentioned.

Don’t forget to send events to, post them to The Bhakti Beat’s Facebook page., or Tweet us!




The Bhakti Beat, February 24, 2012

Where’s the Bhav This Weekend? Feb. 24-26

by Brenda Patoine

Full Article:


- See more at:

Biking Dallas

Wheels That Heal by Toni Youngblood

By on February 8, 2012

Something remarkable happened last Sunday in Deep Ellum… The cycling community  in Dallas rallied around one of its own and raised over $3,300 to benefit Misty “Liberty Kat” Green, an Oak Cliff woman who was seriously injured on a special edition “Tits Tuesday” ride 12/31.  Between internet efforts and one helluva party, the contributions totaled over $4,700!

The big event

Wheels That Heal” had an ambiance of revelry from the get-go.  Franconia Brewery was kind enough to provide libations for the 200 or so attendees, and fellow cyclist John Cowan used his charm and connections to score a smorgasbord of snacks from Whole Foods.  Richardson Urban Bike Club’s Sheri Hall baked NINE DOZEN chocolate chip cookies for the crowd, and our gracious hosts Karen & Sean Fitzgerald dutifully sliced pound cake and cheeses from their own kitchen.  The Fitgeralds are new friends to me–when I started organizing the event Karen very generously offered use of their AMAZING Deep Ellum loft space (over 3000sqft!).  I couldn’t believe their trust and kindness.  These philanthropic souls deserve more gratitude than I can express.

Our afternoon kicked off with a RUSH of raffle ticket sales–at times more than Susan Reeves and I could keep up with!  World music was played live by the very zen Bhakti House Band setting

Bhakti House Band's NEW ALBUM, Nada Bhakti: The Sound of Devotion

Bhakti House Band's NEW ALBUM, Nada Bhakti: The Sound of Devotion

Misty Green (right) with a friend promoting the "Helmets are Sexy" campaign

the tone for an atmosphere of love and healing.  Guests donated $10 at the door and received wristbands for complimentary Franconia Wheat & Dunkel.  Raffle prizes spilled over a long table and the glass jars quickly filled with torn tickets.  We amassed a jaw-dropping array of donations from the community–everything from dinner at Nova to a $500 private hot air balloon ride.  From acupuncture to custom leather.  Bike gear, scuba diving, and original works of art.  The generosity was SHOCKING.

When I began soliciting donations, I started with my friends.  A few text messages and Facebook posts brought rapid-fire response.  Dayla Cox, owner of Twisted Tiffany and a close friend of mine for 24 years, was among the first to help by contributing a $300 pinup photography package to the raffle.  Another friend, Vivy, owns Chateau Nifty Pop and hand-crafted a leather fashion holster that had nearly every girl at the party buying EXTRA raffle tickets!

Local blogger and long-time friend, Justin Husman, contacted me with some highly coveted gear from Chrome he managed to negotiate.  Even my old boss (who I walked out on in a hissy fit about a year ago) gave a $50 gift certificate without hesitation.  The more people said yes, the more confident I became in our endeavor.  I contacted business owners I knew, restaurants I frequent, friends of friends, fellow cyclists and so on.  With every donation, I updated the Wheels That Heal event page.  The growing list of loot got a lot of attention–and seemed to fuel the enthusiasm of even MORE donors.  Richardson Bike Mart volunteered a $100 gift certificate.  The Dallas Diamonds reached out to me through the Facebook event page and hand-delivered a four-pack of season passes and a giant bag of schwag.  Before I knew it, there were donations coming in from every direction.  As many of you know I’ve been strictly  cycle for 2 solid years this month, so I was grateful to have the very dependable Jon Buchner, Susan Reeves, and Rich Franzen to assist with picking up prizes.

I continued working on the fundraiser every single day.  Utilizing Facebook and other tools (and OF COURSE word of my big mouth) I spread the word and the community was happy to help.  Liberty Kat, if you haven’t heard, had a chance crash on a short stretch of downhill the afternoon of 12/31.  It was a gorgeous day, unseasonably warm and sunny.  Our group (mostly members of the weekly Tits Tuesday ride) took full advantage of the day and logged miles through Plano and McKinney.  At the onset of the trek home Misty fell and sustained major injuries to her head, neck, ribs, lungs and collar bone.  It was a complete shock.  An ambulance arrived almost instantly and she was later taken to the ICU via CareFlight.  We were all wearing helmets.  This SHOULDN’T have happened.

In the minutes and hours following the accident our group was in a frenzy to find her pertinent information and contact her loved ones.  Most of us barely knew her so we were in the dark as to any medication she may have been on, any allergies she had, and whether or not she was insured.  Unfortunately, she was not insured.  When Tim “Frickin Brickin” detailed the extent of his medical bills from a recent crash I knew she would need our help.  Tits Tuesday had a plan, and we began implementing immediately.

Dave Patterson rushed out the event flyer and it was then spread across the internet and pasted in windows all over town.  That sweet red sign hung proudly on the door of the Fitzgeral Loft this weekend as throngs of cyclists, yogis, hipsters and friends danced to the rhythm of Ron Dyer and the Dallas Drum Djam (including a DIDGERIDOO!!).  I’ve known Ron since my Austin days and when I told him about the benefit party he assembled a circle of drummers whose performance filled the room with life.  A spontaneous limbo broke out as Natalie Stenger tipped her hips to a giant custom hula hoop she made and donated to the raffle.  We had SO many prizes, we had to stop the music every few minutes to draw more winners!  The crowd erupted when Can Turkymilazs $600 photo session was awarded.  Tarot readings, movie passes, and a deluxe room at the Belmont Hotel were among the goodies.  Waco & Eliot from CyclingSavvy DFW gave a brief speech about safety and the workshops they offer locally.  More drawings, more prizes!  Oddfellows, Eno’s, Libertine and Pizza Lounge.  Haircuts from every single stylist at Sweet200.  Massages, handyman services, and a night in VIP at Absinthe Lounge.  The gifts just kept rolling in.

Our bike buddy Jeff Plunk finished the party spinning silly tunes for an

Toni Youngblood with a friend

impromptu Soul Train style dance-off.  Mark Kaplan of Naked Lens Photography snapped hilarious keepsake photos for friends and families.  The community was tight, smiles were everywhere.  Liberty Kat was quiet and seemed overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.

Dana C. Palmer, a lawyer friend of mine, came forward and offered to assist Misty in negotiating her medical bills pro bono.  He was an old boss of mine at the Blue Collar Bar but now helps people with “Soft Divorce”…so if you know anyone I promised I’d pass his name along ;)

They say, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  I think

our attack on this cause reflects the way our cycling circle attacks hills, miles and heat on the rides.  Something difficult was ahead, and we pulled together and tackled it!  The cycling community is a close-knit one, and we are all lucky to be a part of it.  It is rare to find a brotherhood of this sort in Dallas, I hope you all remember that.  THIS is a “no drop ride”….we’ll always stop and help when one of our own falls.

- Toni

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The Bhakti Beat

Where’s the Bhav This Weekend? Jan. 26-30

by Brenda Patoine on January 27, 2012



What’s ahead: A weekend with KD at a former monastery; John de Kadt and friends nourish New England; Girish heads (a little) east , Larisa Stow heads (a little) south and David Newman heads (a lot) west.  Plus, an open-mic kirtan bhavs on near Boston.  And more… Here’s where you can find the bhav this weekend (Jan. 26-30, 2012).

Don’t forget to tell us where you’ll be chanting — and send in your events for upcoming editions of Where’s the Bhav?

Best of the Weekend Bhav

Krishna Das at New York’s Garrison Institute

KD workshops: time to go deep. (Photo by The Bhakti Beat)

Krishna Das makes our top picks the second week in a row because, well, he’s Krishna Das.  And because a weekend retreat with the chantmaster himself is a very special treat that doesn’t come around that often.  This weekend KD and friends will convene at the Garrison Institute, a former Franciscan monastery in a sleepy little Hudson Valley hamlet just up the train line from Manhattan.  The friars are gone now, but the old walls will be resonating with sacred sounds from Friday night to Sunday afternoon: kirtans both nights, afternoon “workshops” with KD, daily chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa, and morning asana class with Jeremy and Lily of the Brooklyn Yoga School.  The full weekend is still open, as are the public concerts, if you hurry.  Stay tuned to this space for full coverage.  And if you can’t make this one, there are a few more KD retreats coming up: at Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas, Blue Spirit in Costa Rica, and in Orlando.  (Do you see a sun-oriented theme there?) See KD’s schedule for deets. 

John de Kadt & Paul Fran-zik Nourish New England — and Haiti

John de Kadt pairs his divinely inspired drum poetry with the conscious-folk music of singer/songwriter Paul Fran-zik to help feed children in Haiti — and you might say, hearts in New England.  The Nourish mini-tour kicks off outside Boston, at Bliss Life Yoga in Rehoboth, Mass., with a concert Friday night, then heads to Portland, Me. on Saturday (Bhava Yoga School) and Montpelier, Vt. on Sunday (Yoga Mountain Center) for afternoon workshops and evening concerts at each stop.  Proceeds benefit Fran-zik’s Feed Them With Music charity.

You know John de Kadt, right?  Drum Poetry, Rhythms of the Infinite — his CDs are amazing, and his live performances never fail to move.   And then there’s this little bombshell of a music video he dropped last fall, which never fails to blow me away:

Girish ReMixes It Up in Sedona & Vegas

Girish heads East (a little). Photo from

Okay, Sedona is a natural for sacred music, right?  With all those energy vortices, soul gatherings, and its own Bhakti Tribe, it’s definitely a stop on the kirtan path of many touring chanters — and will be for Girish on Sunday night for a concert benefiting the local Desert Star School.  But Vegas?  The Sin City  may not exactly be synonomous with a kirtan hot-spot, but hold onto your kartals, because it’s getting there.  Thanks largely to the efforts of Shivani, a local chantress, Las Vegas kirtan thrives — it even has its own Web site.  Bhav on Vegas!  Girish is at Blue Sky Yoga on Monday night.  Don’t miss the latest album from Girish, “Remixed,” which takes nine of his most-loved songs and makes them even yummier with some dubstep, dance and reggae grooves.  Sublime!

Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe Road Trip + Durga Das in Cali

Larisa Stow at Bhakti Fest 2011 (Photo by The Bhakti Beat)

Our favorite Tribe of Long Beach, Calif.-based mantra rockers will be stirring it up at Yoga Soup in Santa Barbara Saturday night, then onto Ventura for a Sunday morning “service” at the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living that the Tribe says will be “a music-filled celebration of the Highest within ourselves!”  You can count on that — Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe have a way of getting under your skin and going straight to the heart.  You’ve heard their latest CD, right?

In Santa Monica, Bhakti Yoga Shala junkies will not be disappointed this weekend, when David Newman aka Durga Das kicks off a mini-California tour there Saturday night, along with Mira and Philippo Franchini.  Then David heads north for gigs with Girish in San Francisco and Santa Cruz next weekend.

Open Mic Kirtan Is the Bhav Near Boston

Who needs “big-name” chanters anyway?  Community kirtan is where it’s at, and it’s happening coast to coast.  In West Concord, Mass., for example, they’re going on their 4th straight year of last-Saturday-of-the-month kirtans, according to John Calabria, who started the Boston Kirtan and Satsang group on Facebook to connect local kirtaniyas online. A tight group has built up around these “for the people, by the people” events — people have been known to brave Nor’easters to get to them!  If you’re anywhere near Boston, check out this grass-roots chant-along, where anyone who wants to leads the call, Saturday at Yoga and Nia for Life.

The Rest of the Weekend Bhav

Here’s a quick round-up of what else is going on this weekend in the kirtan world.

Deepak Ramapriyan at Bhakti Fest 2011 (by The Bhakti Beat)

West Coast

A triple play of bhakti love with Deepak Ramapriyan and the Breath of Life Tribe, the Temple Bhajan Band, and Bhakti Dance.  Saturday 1/28, 7 p.m. at Naam Yoga, Santa Monica.  Can you say bhaktified dance party?


  • Bhagavan Das kicks off a southern tour in Charleston, S.C. this weekend, with satsang Friday night, a Nada Yoga workshop Saturday afternoon and a kirtan concert Saturday night.  All at Jivamukti Yoga Charleston; details here.

Bhakti House Band's

Bhakti House Band's new album, Nada Bhakti: The Sound of Devotion

"We’re loving their vibe, and they have a new CD that’s oozing with bhakti love."

The Star House, Boulder, CO


  • While we’re talking about community kirtan, can we just say: Colorado kicks it.  The scene is thriving in Boulder, Denver and elsewhere.  Yoga Rocks the Butte, a kirtan & music fest in Crested Butte, is coming up Feb 10-12, bringing in Dave Stringer, Govindas, Steve Gold and more for a kirtan infusion.  This weekend, Coloradans can warm up those vocal cords at Star House Kirtan in Boulder, or with Tom Fuhrman, who’s hosting a house kirtan in Littleton on Saturday.


In Woodstock, N.Y., long-time kirtaniyas Ned & Lynn are celebrating the release of their first CD, Bhakti Treasure, with a CD-release party at MaMA’s in Stone Ridge, N.Y., Friday night at 7:30.

Devadas at the Burlington Yoga Conference, January 2011

In NYC (Brooklyn actually), Devadas is holding space at the Brooklyn Yoga School’s weekly Friday night kirtan, beginning at 8 p.m.  Pure devotional chanting from an Amma devotee.


Okay, your turn.  What did we miss?  Where are you chanting this week?

Elephant Journal


30 Best Songs of the Year that should be on your Playlist now.

Via on Jan 1, 2012

Wanna dance, move, smile, change the world or at the very least, be inspired? Listen to these:

Florence + the Machine’s, Shake it Up (Turn it up and dance now! Or get some revenge with her song, Kiss with a Fist.)

Mumford & Sons, Awake My Soul (If you like this, check out Admiral Fallow, Squealing Pigs)

Young the Giant, My Body (Originally released in 2010, a special edition re-released in 2011. Worth a second go around.)

The Black Keys, Hell of a Season (Incredible live. They toured with the over-played Kings of Leon as the opener. In 2012 they’re rightfully the opening act.)

Aloe Blacc, You Make Me Smile (Great video from the Take Away Show. Deluxe edition of the CD released in 2011 with instrumental versions of all the songs.)

Mat Kearney, Hey Mama (Really teeny-bopper but with a shortage of clean, fun songs my kids can listen to, I’ll take it.)

Singer/Song Writers are flooding YouTube, Facebook, Daytrotter, The Take Away Show, CD Baby, SoundCloud, and other independent labels. Dozens of ways to view and interact with these outstanding artists. Here’s a few you shouldn’t miss:

Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs, For the Summer (His all time best song: Be Here Now.)

Marketa Irglova, For Old Time’s Sake (If you love the Swell Season, this is her solo attempt, available on Daytrotter)

James Vincent McMorrow, Higher Love (The remake is far better than Steve Winwood’s version; the album Early in the Morning is beautiful and worth the download.)

The Civil Wars, Dance with me to the End of Love (A Leonard Cohen song)

Gem Club, Twins (A haunting song)

David Berkeley

David Berkeley, The Blood and The Wine (Moving. It will hit every parent’s heart.)

Ariana Hall

Ariana Hall, The War Is Over (Um, I Like You, is a favorite.)

Kopecky Family Band, Remedy (First introduced to me at SXSW, they often send out free songs for each holiday. Great live. Free Christmas song.)

Alexander, Truth (If you like Edward Sharpe’s song: Home, this is his solo album. Just as unique, if not more so.)

Bhakti House Band 

Bhakti House Band

If you practice yoga, eventually some of these songs will begin to seep into your music playlist and not just when you set foot on the mat.

The Bhakti House Band, Hari Om, You are the Love (A passionate song, passionate band, pure kirtan)

Desert Dwellers, Waves of Reflections (Also known as Yogitunes, they offer free downloads.)

Gypsy Tears, Om Namo Lakshmi (Kirtan meets acro yogis with this ukulele lead upbeat mantra)

Simon Gentry, Jai (Electronic/new age instrumental that’s a perfect for on mat. On itunes, not from 2011 but a worthy find.)

Yogi Artists but not quite yoga music:

Avasa & Matty, Love, Lovin Yourself (Smile inducing kind-a-music)

Trevor Hall, Te Amo (Lyrics to melt your heart and ends with a beautiful spoken Rumi quote; for everyone else listen to Om Shakti Om.)

Bob Weisenberg, Granadinas (A fan of flamenco from age 7 when I saw Maria Benitez perform live, this album is classic flamenco guitar.)

More  great music everyone should have on their list:

Blind Pilot, We Are the Tide (First introduced to the song, One Red Thread, this 2011 album is worth a good listen.)

Bon Iver

Bon Iver, Perth (Still feel his album, For Emma For Ever Ago is his best and this version also from a Take Away Show. Any Bon Iver, I admit, I adore.)

Motopony, Seer (Re-released as a bonus track in 2011, another one worth a second time around.)

Pretty Lights, I know the Truth (Even better is their earlier song: Hot Like Sauce.)

TV On the Radio, Will Do (Alternative that doesn’t try too hard Aso check out the song: Tonight.)

DeVotchKa, 100 other lovers (Very 80’s. Their best tune, How It Ends.)

Wintersleep, Weighty Ghost (Seems to be a trend to throw a choir into the chorus. This one works.)

Andrew Bird, Bein Green (It’s not easy, that’s for sure, bein different. Yes, the Muppets still inspire.)

Obvious omissions include: Coldpay, Radiohead, Ryan Adams, Adele, Steve Gold, My Morning Jacket, Moby, Lykke Li and more who all came out with amazing albums this year. Tell me, who made your top 30 list this year?


For more playlists: yoga playlist December, yoga playlist November, and from the Soundtrack of My life.

Another Play list on Elephant Journal: 14 Love Songs (with an Edge) You should know.  

About Melissa Smith

Melissa is a freelance writer, zealous traveler, momma, and Acro Thai Therapeutics Yoga Life Student Occasional Teacher. She leads advanced teacher trainings for Leeann Carey Yaapana Yoga, specializing Therapeutic Partner Practice and hosts retreats in Texas, Thailand & New Orleans for Grace Yoga Retreats. Connect with her on Facebook, her Grace Yoga Blog, and Twitter. or read other Elephant Journal articles.

The Bhakti Beat

Where’s the New Year’s Bhav?

by Brenda Patoine on December 31, 2011



It’s almost New Year’s Eve…do you know where your kirtan is?

Maybe it’s me, but doesn’t it seem like there’s a plethora of choices out there for the conscious kirtaniya who seeks something other than paying too much for dinner and drinking too much for driving on the last night of the year?  Judging by the bounty of bhaktified celebrations being touted on Twitter and Facebook, 2012 is going to arrive with a bhavalicious bang.

We’ve pulled together a “Dream List” of events across the country that we’d like to be teleported to on the eve of 2012, along with a few very special Jan. 1 programs that promise to keep the bhav flowing and welcome the new year with a wave of bhakti bliss.

Bhakti Bliss-Out in the Berkshires

Bhakti Bliss at Kripalu

This one’s at the top of my list, but if you don’t already have a ticket, you’re out of luck.  The bhakti bash in the Berkshires, which started Thursday night, is sold out.  On board for the weekend are David Newman (aka Durga Das) along with his beloveds, Mira and Tulsi; Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band all the way from N’awlins; John de Kadt playing in his own back yard and regrouping with Sita & the Hanumen; Shantala (aka Benjy and Heather Wertheimer), hot off a cross-country tour and armed with a brand new CD that everyone’s raving about, and the inimatable Gaura Vani and As Kindred Spirits, featuring the dancing violinist everyone loves, Jahnavi Harrison.

West Coast: Portals Open; the Shala Delivers

If you can’t find kirtan in southern Cali on New Year’s Eve, then you must already be deep in samadhi .  The West Coast is fertile ground — West Coasters would say Ground Zero — for bhakti love of all beats.  In San Diego, one of the hottest young kirtaniyas in California, Deepak Ramapriyan, will be tearing down the house with his Breath of Life Tribe at the World Beat Cultural Center.  Ascension 2012, an event billed as “opening a portal of light to ascend into the new year,” also features songstress Ena Vie along with Aztec Dancers, African Drum and Dance, and tons more.    A couple hours north, at Bhakti Yoga Shala, Santa Monica temple of devotional music and yoga, proprietor-wallahs Govindas and Radha will be hosting a full-on all-night bhakti bash with 12 hours of continuous chanting from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.  Andres Solcado, Psalm Isadora, Shakti Didi and many more artists will be there for kirtan, plus a special puja (ceremony), dharma talk, and prayers. The Shala calls it all an ”auspicious ritual to join together in community, plant deeply our sweetest intentions for 2012 in the garden of our hearts, and sing, dance, meditate and celebrate together as ONE!”

Up the coast in Seattle, Gina Sala and Dave Stringer are joining forces to present what is sure to be a bhakti-rockin’ eve at Samadhi Yoga.  Patrick Richey will be on tabla and Cajon.  This is a rare opportunity to sing with Gina and Dave together, who invite you to “Come as you are, participate as you like: dance, lay back, meditate, snuggle, and sing in the New Year!”

DreamTime & More in NYC

Dreamtime NYC sounds, well, dreamy.  An all-night cornocopia of consciousness-raising and culture, including kirtan (duh!), yoga, art, contact improv, meditation, and sacred ceremony. Check out the full line-up of artists and activities here.  If you’re looking for something more low-key and introspective in your evening activities, Jivamukti on Broadway might be the place.  From 8 to 9 p.m., the golden-voiced, deeply devotional young chantress Anjula Prasad will lead kirtan, followed by a 3-hour silent meditation and a special midnight address by Jivamukti founders Sharon Gannon and David Life.  For the full monty, come early for asana practice and vegan dinner.

Boston Bhav

Kirtan Takes First Night!

Kirtan infiltrates First Night Boston!  A traditional Hare Krishna harinam through Copley Square and the Back Bay, led by Krishna devotees Niranjana Swami and Rama Raya Das, follows arati and darshan (beginning at 7 p.m.) at the ISKCON Boston temple.  Then, head over to The Arlington Center for First Night Kirtan, featuring Dancing Kirtan with Deejay Mantra, Shubalananda, with Ashley Flagg, and Anna Sobel on tabla.


Texas, Arizona & the Heartland Too

Don’t believe for a second that the New Year’s bliss is limited to coastal hubs.  Out in Texas, The Bhakti House Band is hosting a 12-hour kirtan at The Bhakti House (where else?) in Fort Worth, with The Sound and the Meaning, Prema Shakti, and Rudra Das & The Dharma Love Train.  Built into the family-friendly evening and pot-luck dinner will be an “open mic” period for anyone who would like to also share a chant.  Details here.


In Sedona, you can Chant in the New Year with the Kirtan Wallahs for the eighth year in a row at 7 Centers Yoga Arts.  The Raw Spirit Fest will rock in the New Year with Donna De Lory, Fantuzzi and much more in Phoenix.  In Minnetonka, Minn., join Kirtan Path and the Wild Moon Bhaktas for four hours of kirtan and a midnight ceremony at the Living Waters Market and Center for Harmonious Living.  Princeton, NJ? Check out Bliss in the New Year, featuring kirtaniyas Suzin Green, Dan Johnson (table) and Kartikkeya (percussion) at the Princeton Center for Yoga & Health.  Up in Wolfe Island, near Kingston, Ontario, Brenda McMorrow is headlining a five-day kirtan and meditation retreat called “Opening to Your Divine Life.”  Sounds divine, doesn’t it?

New Year’s Day Bliss

Why should the bhav stop at midnight?  We’ve heard about some great New Year’s Day programs that will keep the spirit flowing long after the ball drops.

Our top pick:  108 Hanuman Chalisas.  This has become an annual tradition at many yoga centers, but perhaps most famously at Dharma East in NYC.  Chantress Nina Rao will be leading her signature “Nina Chalisa” (as heard on Krishna Das’s “Flow of Grace” CD), and she will be joined by a number of other wallahs including Ambika Cooper, Shyama Chapin, Sharada Kagel, Jeremy & Lily Frindel, Keshav Das, and more.  Admission is free and you can join or leave anytime.  Best of all, if you can’t make it to NYC, you can join the Chalisa chanting via live-stream at

If you’re bhavving in the New Year at Bhakti Yoga Shala, don’t go anywhere:  the bhakti love continues Sunday when Govindas and Radha will “sensitively yet courageously lead us through the purifying and transformative ritual of 108 Sun Salutations.”  Details here.

Who could resist starting off 2012 with Girish and DJ Drez? ‘They’ll be joining yoga teacher Janet Stone for “Sankalpa: Awakening Your Soul Vision” at Yoga Tree Castro in San Francisco for a morning workshop to greet and “clarify your heart’s intentions for the year to come” through asana, breath, music, mantra and tantra.

Back in New York, kundalini chant artist Jai Jagdeesh will be leading a special class and kirtan concert at Kundalini Yoga Park Slope in Brooklyn, one of a planned series of events organized by Occupy Yoga NY.  (Yeah, they’re still alive and spearheading a conscious community in solidarity with the Occupy Movement.)

Whew!  And that’s just a sampling.  We know there is so much more out there — and we want to know about it!  Where will you be chanting this New Year’s Eve/Day?

New World Kirtan Podcast

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 September 13, 2011
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Om Namah Shivaya (Sonicturtle Remix by Adham Shaikh) Thomas Barquee Kundalini Remix: Yoga Mantras Revisited
Bright Star GuruGanesha Singh Kundalini Surjhee
Nanda Nanda Sahadev Rhythm & Bliss Kirtan
Guru Rinpoche Mantra (EarthRise SoundSystem Remix) Deva Premal GlobeSonic DJ Alsultany Presents Yoga Lounge
Hari Om (Featuring Prajna Vieira) Ben Leinbach Ben Leinbach Presents Sangha
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