Sounds of the Sun, Vol. 2: Gayatri Mantra (Long Form)

by The Bhakti House Band

Released 2015
Akasha Records
Released 2015
Akasha Records
The Gayatri Mantra is revered by many as the most sacred mantra. Evokes the inner light of awareness & clears the mind of any clutter or destructive thought patterns. It's a full 108 mantra meditation for daily practice. Includes the long form invocation.
Led by Texas mantra musicians Randall and Kristin Brooks, the Bhakti House Band presents an East-meets-West fusion of percussion-driven instrumentation, rich harmonies, Sanskrit mantra and kirtan, and inspirational English lyrics with the intention of creating a sacred space for listeners to surrender their minds to the rhythmic groove of the heart.

Their new Sounds of the Sun Mantra Meditation Series envelopes the mind and supports the listener in learning ancient mantras to quiet the mind for silent meditation.

"LOVE your Gayatri recording! Powerfully performed with unusually true Sanskrit pronunciation."

~Nicolai Bachman
Sanskrit scholar & director of Sanskrit Sounds
Author of The Language of Yoga
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