Bhakti House Band

Bhakti House Band

Led by Texas mantra musicians Randall and Kristin Brooks, Bhakti House Band presents an East-meets-West fusion of percussion-driven instrumentation and rich harmonies that enlighten the soul. Combining Sanskrit mantra and kirtan with inspirational English lyrics, Bhakti House Band creates a sacred space where listeners can surrender their minds to the rhythmic groove of the heart.


For over 22 years, Randall & Kristin have shared and articulated their spiritual journey through relevant lyrics and heart-felt musical compositions. They currently travel the globe, gathering communities together to experience the healing power of music and the practice of Nada Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of sacred sound and conscious devotion). Their intention is to inspire humanity to awaken their hearts, live with purpose, and experience a higher sense of freedom and connection with all life.


Named one of Origin Magazine’s Inspiring Community Leaders in 2012 and one of its Favorite Couples Working Together to Shift the Planet in 2013, Randall and Kristin passionately believe it is every human’s responsibility to use their TAGs (talents, abilities, and gifts) to serve and uplift humanity. Their non-profit organization, Conscious Living Empowerment Foundation (CLEF) creates projects like the Peace Love OM Project, to provide opportunities for children to do just that. Also noteworthy is the captivating title track of their second album, Akasha Blue Sky. The award-winning piece is a collaboration of 18 children from various cultures and traditions singing for "Love, Peace, and Harmony". This inspiring song has quickly garnered attention from musicians, philanthropists, and peace organizations all over the world.


Since the 2011 release of their first award-winning album, Nada Bhakti: The Sound of Devotion, they have gained thousands of loyal fans in more than 52 countries. This worldwide support inspired two project releases in 2014 & 2015: Akasha Blue Sky, benefiting their Peace Love Om Project; and the first two volumes of their new mantra sound meditation series, Sounds of the Sun: Gayatri Mantra, all available on iTunes and Amazon. They are pleased to announce that they are currently working in the studio to finish up their upcoming album called Roots To Revolutions, exploring and expressing revolutionary musical creations inspired by their musical roots. Roots to Revolutions is expected to release later this year.


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